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Meet the people who have inspired the creation of Deerslayer. The people who we enjoy the beer with; those who share the passion of an outdoor lifestyle, the bliss that it creates within us, and the accomplishments gained from it.  

We call these people “Originals”.

We’re excited to share their stories to show what makes these people so special, and what makes this land such a versatile and rewarding place for us.

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James Evangelisti

James, owner of Roc Fabrication in Victor, NY, has been involved with engine repairs since he was six years old, and he built his first motor with his father when he was only 12. With an appreciation and respect for every single car, his passion speaks for itself through his craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a true love for the industry.

Joe Poliseno

Joe has been brewing since 2001, and is now our brewing manager for Deerslayer Beer. Joe has a rich history and passion for the grounds of Central NY as an avid hunter, marksman, and fisherman.  Now a father of three boys, he enjoys educating and sharing the outdoor experience with his sons. “Deerslayer is a beer for the people who want to be out, enjoying what makes them happy; their passions.”

Andrew Lewand

Founder of Bark At The Moon Coyote Club, and our latest Deerslayer Original. He’s been studying coyotes and perfecting his hunt since the early 80s. His passion for predator hunting all began at SUNY Cobleskill where he majored in Fisheries and Wildlife Technology. 


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