Deerslayer Originals | Andrew Lewand

Oct 06, 2021

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Meet our latest Deerslayer Original – Andrew Lewand.

As a student at SUNY Cobleskill majoring in Fisheries & Wildlife Technology, Andrew began to intensely study the eastern coyote and its biology.

His fascination with the eastern coyote began in the early 80s when he was originally introduced to the predator. Those initial outings to monitor coyote denning sites truly enhanced his desire to learn all that he could about the curious canine. It was out west, however, where Andrew gained his first true experience of hunting the coyote. Frequent hunting trips to Colorado and South Dakota provided excellent opportunities to develop strategies to successfully call in coyotes. 

After graduating college, Andrew was thrilled to see the coyote take hold in many of the areas that he hunted for other game species, such as woodchucks, squirrels, and deer. Ever since his first introduction, Andrew has pursued coyotes (as well as fox) and lists predator hunting as his main interest. Indeed, it is this passion for the coyote that lead Andrew to found the Bark At The Moon Coyote Club. The “Club” has expanded rapidly in the past few years and has allowed Andrew to make great friendships with fellow hunters and hunting industry leaders.

Andrew’s predator hunting skills and knowledge have led him to become a highly respected speaker on various topics of predator hunting.

Cheers to the respect, patience, and knowledge for the hunt, Andrew.

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