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May 20, 2021

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James Evangelisti, with an expertise of general and automotive fabrication, is the owner and founder of Roc Fabrication in Victor, NY. James has been involved with engine repairs since he was six years old, and he built his first motor with his father when he was only 12. His passion for custom restorations and modifications led him to obtain two degrees, specializing in welding, metal fabrication, manufacturing, and automotive technology and design.

James continued to develop critical knowledge and skills at a local fabrication shop before venturing out on his own. James and his partner opened their shop, Boost Engineering and Fab, where he is still the Metal Welder Fabricator. In just three years of designing super charger kits for Boost, James learned more than he had in his entire life. This first entrepreneurial step reinforced his determination and drive to learn, overcome, and conquer.

James capitalized on his passion and entrepreneurial spirit by opening his own shop, Roc Fab, in 2019. Here, James has had the opportunity to work on some exceptionally rare cars, including a 1955 Lancia. Currently he’s working on a LC500 Lexus, for which he is building a custom exhaust. This project, too, has the potential to become Roc Fab’s first exhaust system to run in production, expanding the business into both an auto shop and parts supplier.

With an appreciation and respect for every single car, his passion speaks for itself through his craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a true love for the industry. Hearing him speak about his job only reenforced the adage, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

“Every day is something new, and I love problem-solving,” James said. He also noted that there are going to be bumps in the road, significant losses, and failures. This is inevitable for any business owner. “If you don’t fail, you won’t learn and you won’t grow,” he advised, “take the chances; perseverance is key.”

Aside from the obvious passion for his work, James’s genuine heart and soul could also be heard as we spoke, even above the shop’s blaring stereo speakers. He is a staunch supporter of local business and has met countless incredible people in the area over the years. Towards the end of our conversation, he added that it’s the relationships he’s developed and the community he’s a part of that have most significantly contributes to his success. “You’re there for them, and they’re there for you,” James said, “they start as friends and turn into family.”

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